Set TRAKS Travel 1 for alfa gravity practices

Set TRAKS Travel 1 for alfa gravity practices

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Description Set TRAKS Travel 1 for alfa gravity practices

TRAKS Travel 1 set for alpha gravity trainings:

Alpha Gravity is a new level of body training, the next stage after ground-based practices, where Gravity itself becomes a trainer. Approaching the idea of levitation with the help of his Will, man provides himself with conditions in which he is doomed to have a balanced flexible and strong body.
This will be especially appreciated by coaches of yoga, Pilates, fitness, pole dancing, martial arts, acrobats, gymnasts and teachers of physical psycho-techniques.

Suitable for installation indoors (apartment, office, studio) and outdoors (portable structure, etc.).

Equipped with height adjustment loops that allow you to easily change the height of the fixation of the arms and legs during the lesson.

Special fasteners are perfect for both concrete and prefabricated ceilings with voids.
Withstand static and dynamic loads up to 230 kg on the leather mount, in contrast to conventional anchors, which swing under the weight to break out of the ceiling.


TRAKS Travel 1 set for self-training:

- a pair of gravibots and TRAKS GS1 fingertips - soft and comfortable, used for training on all gravitational simulators. Anatomical tailoring (extreme loops are a little shorter than internal thanks to what during employment all fingers are on one level and the identical loading on all fingers of a hand is provided ). Securely stitched through with a special strong thread. (The only fingers on the market that are sewn through).

- 4 PRO slings with length adjustment - 4 prepared slings (each sling is stitched on one side to attach the carabiner with heavy-duty thread, on the other side beveled and sealed with fire for easy stretching of the clamp).

- two Proton Autolock carbines

- bag for a set

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